Tutorial: Ironing a patch onto clothes

You have your  iron-on patches at home and you know exactly where you want them on your garment! But how do you iron such a patch onto your clothes? Follow the steps below and before you know it your patch will be stuck.

Step 1 - What do you need?

Grab the following supplies for ironing on your patches:

  • iron
  • ironing board
  • garment
  • tea towel / baking paper
  • patches
  • optional fabric glue

Step 2 – Prepare your garment and patch

Lay your garment/item flat on the ironing board and place the patch where you want it.

Tip! To ensure that the surface for the application is as flat as possible, first iron the area where the application is to be placed.

Step 3 - Prepare the iron for use

Set the iron as hot as the fabric can take (this takes some trial and error). Make sure the steam function is off and that the iron is not full of water.

NB! The patch cannot be ironed on plastic and oiled materials (such as leather). You must use industrial glue for this.

Step 4 - Place a thin tea towel / parchment paper over the patches

If you put the cloth over the patch, make sure you don't accidentally move the patch. The tea towel / baking paper protects the front of your patches against the heat of the iron.

Step 5 - Apply the patches with the iron

Then press the iron on the thin tea towel / baking paper with circular movements. Hold the iron on the patches in a circular motion for about 60 seconds.

Or if the iron-on doesn't work, you can use water-resistant fabric glue to glue the patch.

Step 6 - Let the patches cool

Let the patches cool down gently and carefully lift the tea towel / baking paper and check whether the patches are firmly attached by gently rubbing the edge with a finger and lifting them up.

Will he still rise? Then put the tea towel / baking paper back and place the iron on the patches again and press for about 10 seconds.

Iron the back of the material on which the patch has been ironed, for better adhesion of the patch.

Tip! If you want to be sure that the patch is well attached, you can sew it on with a few stitches.

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